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Mar 11, 2018

In this episode we will look at how the necessary evil of self promotion, usually through acts of Publicity Stunts have played out for two artists. Specifically, we will see the impact these stunts had on the careers of Sinead O’Connor and the Sex Pistols.

Here's Sinead's SNL performance..

Here's a link to Sinead trying to perform at a Dylan Tribute concert but the fans were not having it....


And, on the flipside, here is The Sex Pistols on Today with Bill Grundy. Remember that F bombs were not the norm in 77.

And, here is their Julibee boat Tour...oh and I forgot to mention on the show but the boat itself was named Queen Elizabeth...funny huh?


Music for this podcast provided most graciously by NCTRNM. His soundcloud is below, please check him out!